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About Gardner

My Mission

As the founder and director of Sacred Mountain Breathwork, with locations in the Champlain Valley and Southern, Vermont, I’ve made it my mission to support others on their journey to health, happiness, and wellbeing.

As a Somatic Breathwork Therapist and Integrative Lifestyle Counselor, I empower my clients to find their unique path of healing. My practice embodies the philosophy that true health and happiness are only achieved when all areas of our lives are brought into balance; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Whether through somatic breath counseling, guided breathwork therapy sessions, group workshops, or earth-based retreats it’s my honor and joy to walk this path with you. 


My Journey

My Journey hasn’t been an easy one. As a young boy, I didn’t feel as though I fit in. Other kids picked on me, I felt alone in my family and I struggled to make friends. As I got older, I became unhappy and depressed and turned my low self-esteem, displeasure and anger onto my family and those closest to me. In a desperate struggle to find love and acceptance, I only pushed people further away. I was stuck and unhappy.

In addition to my emotional wellbeing, my physical health challenged me. Allergies, head colds, poor sleep, and lack of energy where a daily occurrence. 

After college, I moved west and began meeting teachers and healers who helped me to understand how eating well could heal my body. As my physical health improved, I realized healing my emotional wellbeing was just as important.

I consulted multiple counselors, coaches, therapists, and healers who helped me to feel supported and comfortable with myself and my life. I worked on discovering why I was feeling the way I was and over time I went from blaming the world for my problems, to feeling empowered by my new outlook on life. I could see how to create the life I so desperately wanted to have and I was ready to do whatever it took.

Soon after, I discovered Breathwork and it transformed my life even more. I began studying with teachers in Southern California and quickly realized how powerful and supportive Breathwork could be. From there it became a key component of my journey towards healing, health and happiness. Breathwork and conscious breathing opened up new pathways of joy, passion, and self-empowerment in my life. Over the years, Breathwork has become so important and impactful to myself and my clients, it has become the foundation for my life and the work I do helping others.

I feel blessed to have had such incredible support on my journey towards health and am grateful to be able to help others find their own path to healing. For the past 15 years, I’ve used Breathwork, mediation, and supportive healing modalities to help my clients navigate the same problems I’ve worked through. Today I integrate all that I’ve learned into my work with others, helping them to discover their own pathway to health and wellness.

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Certified in David Elliott’s Breathwork Healer Training

Somatic Breath Therapist and Coach through the Power of Breath Institute

Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator through Shamangelic Healing in Sedona, AZ

Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Certified in Chinese Herbal Studies through the Academy of Natural Healing, California

Masters Graduate of the World Works Leadership Course, Irvine, CA


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A Connection to the Land

A deep and meaningful connection to the Earth has been a driving force on my journey towards health and happiness. From a true love of being in nature, to many years of growth supported by land-based ceremonies, I’ve brought my passion for supporting others into my sustainable living farm and retreat space, New Spring Farm.